Portraits are created in pastels using your photos. Photos can be mailed or emailed to me. Hard copy photos will be returned to you with the portrait. I strive to capture each animal's own personality in the painting. My portraits are filled with details and rich color! A rough sketch of the portrait can be emailed to you for approval before the final portrait is started. You will also be emailed a picture of the final portrait for approval before it is shipped to you. Shipping cost is additional. Custom matting and framing is available upon request. Arrangements can be made for me to take photos personally, or if you would like advice on taking good pictures, please email me for tips on picture taking. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions and I look forward to creating a portrait for you!
Makes a great gift!!!

 If you are interested in illustration, logo design or other artwork please contact me with your ideas and to discuss the details of the work. Thank you!



                    Head Portrait


Size                  Price                Extra Pet

9 x 11                     225                                   --

11 x 14                  295                                 65

14 x 17                  385                                 75

16 x 20                  495                                 90

18 x 24                  600                              115

22 x 30                  750                              150

Larger sizes available upon request   


                Full Body Portrait


Size                   Price                 Extra Pet

11 x 14                  345                                    --

14 x 17                  450                                  90

16 x 20                  550                               115

18 x 24                  725                               150

22 x 30                  900                               200

Larger sizes available upon request   




Custom Artwork

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